If there is anything that we take even more seriously than our commitment to patient well being at Magnet Solutions, it's security. 

If the organizations that manage your data are not SOC II certified, your patients personal health or financial information is at risk. We invest heavily in security and let third-party experts analyze every aspect of our system, so you can rest assured your data is secure. 


Magnet Solutions also strictly adheres to the standards set by the Professional Practices Management System ™ (PPMS), determined by the Association of Credit and Collections Professionals™ (ACA). The PPMS standards require ongoing and comprehensive review, acting as a basis for our continuing education and improvement. 

Our industry-leading technology allows our managers to assess our team members in real time, allowing for personal and comprehensive quality reviews with our Patient Account Representatives. Call monitoring and recording, allow us to continually improve patient communications and solve any conflicts that arise. With these tools, we can track keywords that indicate patient concerns and listen back on specific conversations when conflicts arise to reach resolution faster and with the patient’s well-being as a priority.  

Professional Affiliations

To stay on the cutting edge of the healthcare receivables industry we take an active role in several key associations and organizations. Magnet Solutions is firmly engaged with the organizations below, while holding leadership roles on the council of delegates for the ACA, and the board of directors for the Nebraska Collector Association (NCA). These memberships allow us access to industry leading professionals, best practice solutions, and priceless relationships. We are proud to maintain active membership and leadership in the organizations below.

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