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Principles and Values

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To provide consulting, continuing education, and ARM services to leading healthcare organizations. This results in improved profits, production, and image for our clients, which allows all members of both organizations to improve their lives through diversification, expansion and appropriate profitability.

We are customer driven, with a “servant’s heart,” we have ethical motives, and we always operate as an honest and friendly company.


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To develop and improve our relationships with leading healthcare organizations in order to identify their needs and offer beneficial leading-edge Accounts Receivables Management (ARM) solutions.


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We are the preeminent resource for seeing the needs and strategically planning for implementation of profitable Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management solutions.



Security and Compliance


If the organizations that manage your data are not SOC 2 certified, your patients' personal health or financial information is at risk. We invest heavily in security and let third-party experts analyze every aspect of our system, so you can rest assured your data is secure. 

Cybercriminals are targeting their attacks toward hospitals at an alarming rate. We value the security of your data and make it our priority to keep it safe, which is why we take extra measures to make certain our workflow is secure and your data is kept private. Click here to learn more about the importance of SOC-2 certified vendors.

Magnet Solutions adheres to the standards set by the Professional Practices Management System (PPMS), determined by our industry's largest national oversight organization, ACA International. The PPMS standards act as a basis for our continuing education and improvement, along with our dedicated Chief Compliance Officer and in-house legal counsel. 


Our industry-leading technology allows our managers to assess our team members in real time, allowing for personal and comprehensive quality reviews with our Patient Account Representatives. Call monitoring and recording allow us to continually improve patient communications and solve any conflicts that arise. With these tools, we can track keywords that indicate patient concerns and listen back on specific conversations when conflicts arise to reach resolution faster and with the patient’s well-being as a priority.  


Professional Affiliations

To stay on the cutting edge of the revenue cycle management industry we take an active role in several key associations and organizations.  This includes holding leadership roles on the council of delegates for ACA International, and the board of directors for the Nebraska Collector Association (NCA). These memberships offer the benefit of detailed industry insights, emerging best practices, and priceless relationships. We are proud to maintain active membership and leadership in the organizations below.

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