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A Strong Foundation for Healthcare Employees

As part of our mission to create an exceptional patient experience for our provider partners, Magnet Solutions has developed a three-part course intended to prepare employees for their role and equip them with the skills needed for courteous, professional patient interactions. This course aims to connect employees to the mission of your organization, and encourage them to pursue continuous growth in whichever role they occupy.

Included in this course:

  • Video Lectures

  • PDF Presentations

  • End-of-Unit Quizzes


A helpful overview that explains why customer service matters to a healthcare organization and how employees can thrive during patient interactions.


Prepares employees for various situations they may encounter in their role and demonstrates how to successfully navigate conflict with patients and coworkers.


Provides an overview of the healthcare revenue cycle, explaining where each employee fits into the process, and how they positively impact the organization.  

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