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Selecting a partner in self-pay is a big decision. That’s why, before you decide to form a partnership, we’ll use our detailed Cash-Flow Pro Forma to demonstrate the projected net improvement we expect to generate for you through the advanced capabilities of our staff and technology. The Pro Forma serves two purposes; it outlines the projected bottom line opportunity that we calculate exists within your current self-pay account flow, and serves as our performance metric when you choose to work with Magnet Solutions.   


Unlike many in our industry, we will never encourage you to downsize your in-house point of service or self-pay team. In fact, we offer training and support to help you increase your point of service collections, to get those accounts taken care of before they even reach us. Staff whose responsibilities we bear are able to increase the scope and quality of their work in other important areas of your business.

Here is what our clients can expect:

Limitless Reporting

We start with our suite of reports, but we will tailor both the reports and their frequency to your needs. If the data exists, we capture it, and can include it in your customized report.  

24/7 Payment Ability

Your patients will have access to call and make payments whenever they like. Either with a Patient Account Representative during work hours, or anytime of day with our automated system.

Conversion Support

Many of our clients have gone through extensive system conversions. If this is something you are planning to undertake, our experienced IT team will be able to help insulate your patients from the process, while maintaining productivity on your accounts.  

Combined Statements

Magnet Solutions’ platform independent process makes it easy to deliver a single statement to your patients which includes all their accounts — hospital, clinic, and more. 

Full Transparency

As a partner with Magnet Solutions, you'll be able to access real-time updates on recovery progress as well as listen to what our Patient Account Representatives are communicating to your patients.

Charity Identification Support

We work with your patients to assess their ability to pay, and if they qualify for your hospital’s financial support and write-off programs. We know your patients mean a lot to you; we make sure they know it too.

Any questions? Give us a call!