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An Intuitive Financial Assistance Platform

The all-in-one solution for providers to streamline their financial assistance workflow and improve the patient experience.   

Automatically Notify Patients

and Adjust Affected Balances

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With a Simple Online Application

That is Completely Customizable

Data-Backed Recommendations

Based on Your Eligibility Requirements

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Patient Application

Patients can apply online in minutes through a customizable online application, allowing patients to upload documents of multiple file types, even photos.

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Provider Dashboard

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Once an application is submitted, providers have everything in one place to review documents, view dependents, and make informed decisions on financial assistance eligibility. The software will even analyze the application and offer an approval recommendation based on your specific eligibility criteria. Your team can then approve, decline, or request more information, all with the click of a button.

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Tools and Automation

Patients you approve for financial assistance can automatically be notified by letter and email. Related balances within a set time frame can automatically be resolved and recorded on your patients' records. The financial assistance portal is compatible with nearly every hospital system, so your in-house software system remains up to date.

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Automate Communications

Update Balances & Adjustments

Integrate with In-House System

View and Manage Dependent Accounts

Our system can even send an automated reminder to patients when it’s time to re-apply, avoiding confusion when eligibility is set to expire. Your team will no longer have to email patients back and forth or endlessly track down missing documentation. Providers also gain the confidence that their financial assistance decisions are in line with data-backed recommendations and that each patient receives the same follow-up messaging and account treatment.

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