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Whether you represent a small practice or a large hospital, Magnet Solutions is prepared to meet your needs and out perform your current self-pay process, both in dollars recovered and patients satisfied. 

We exist to help optimize provider profitability and treat patients with the care and attention every person deserves. If managing your self-pay receivables is taking up valuable personnel time and you want to increase returns to your organization, Magnet Solutions would love the opportunity to show you how we can help.

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Your reputation in the community and within your patient population are your most valuable assets.

But as you know, the influence on your reputation does not end with a patient’s discharge from your care. Our team at Magnet Solutions understands this, as do our strategic partners. We know the patient’s post-visit experience will frame their entire view of your facility and directly impact their loyalty. At Magnet Solutions, we maintain your strong principals of customer care while you gain the backing and resources of our specialized team. 

“Magnet Solutions has been our self-pay partner for many years.  Even in the midst of these challenging times, our self-pay cash collections have remained consistent.  We appreciate their ability to drive strong financial performance, yet balance our patient relationships.”

- Rick Rasmussen, CEO Northwest Specialty Hospital 



Patient Satisfaction  

Our Patient Account Representatives are always kind and helpful. They undergo continuing education and review, assisted by tools such as live call monitoring and recording.  

Increased Resolution Rates

Our state-of-the-art technology and data-driven strategy, allows us to get you the money your organization needs. Through methods including account scoring and automation, we maximize efficiencies to add dollars to your bottom line. 

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Unmatched Technology & Security

Our Technology has been selected and refined to accomplish effective, appropriate, and efficient communication on your self-pay accounts. We invest heavily in technology to protect you and your patients' private information. 

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Founded in 1999, Magnet Solutions has focused solely on the healthcare receivables sector, offering unmatched support for our clients and their patients.  We approach this industry with a servant’s heart, knowing each patient has a story and that their well-being comes first. We also believe a partnership is more than just a paper contract. Strong businesses are built on relationships. That is why when our clients need us, they are always able to reach someone they know, trust, and enjoy working with.


The majority of our clients are critical access to mid-sized hospitals who trust us because they know their accounts will be treated as a priority within our company, not lost in a sea of accounts from massive hospital networks. Our company means a lot to us, and we take great care in making it the best it can be.

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Our IT team and powerful system make working with any hospital a smooth and easy process. We've developed a simple and secure way to on-board new clients, and we're always here if your organization needs IT support.


We believe knowledge is power. We keep you informed on performance with our custom reporting deck. Clients also have the ability to access our latest data and collection figures whenever they like.  

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If you are looking for innovative ways to optimize your self-pay performance, while improving the patient experience, we invite you to contact us. By partnering with Magnet Solutions, you will benefit from our years of experience, professionally certified staff and our commitment to invest in our industry’s latest technology, all focused on one thing —  providing a customer service experience that leaves your patients delighted and loyal to your facility.  If you need a true partner to assist with your self-pay receivables, look no further.  

“Magnet Solutions offered support to Horizon Health in the wake of a very abrupt end to a relationship we had with another vendor. They provided a near-seamless transition for patients and staff.”

– Marty Adams , CFO for Horizon Health

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